Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pet insurance discount

Getting a discount on your dog insurance is as easy as enrolling online. Literally.
We’re committed to helping you cut your costs, without ever compromising your pet’s health insurance coverage. That’s why we offer a variety of money-saving discounts* which can be combined, up to a maximum of 65% (20% for veterinary professionals), ensuring you get the best value for your pet insurance policy.

More than one pet? Insure your entire four-legged family (cats included!) with Petplan and you’ll get a +25% discount for each pet you enroll after the first one.

Medical Services Pet Discount: 10%

In appreciation of the noble work they perform, Petplan offers a 10% discount for medical services dogs.

Veterans and Serving Military Discount: 10% In recognition of the invaluable service they provide, Petplan offers a 10% discount for any serving or retired member of the Armed Forces. 

Veterinary Professionals Discount: 15% 
Next to our pets of course, veterinary professionals (staff and student) are our heroes, which is why we offer a 15% discount to veterinary professionals. 

Why get pet insurance?
Pets play an integral part in the lives of millions of people and whilst they don't share the life expectancy of the average human, it's crucial to ensure that they're well looked after.
Man's best friend provides companionship and security and aside from food and shelter won't ask for much in return. But even a routine trip to the vet can be expensive. Should your pet require a surgical procedure due to illness or injury, you need to be prepared financially. 

Be prepared for pet-related emergencies
There are a number of other threats to your pet's well-being. What if your pet gets lost or is stolen? Could you afford to advertise a missing pet? And what if something happened to you? Who would look after your pet if you were hospitalised, for example? Travel arrangements often take priority over just about any unforeseen eventuality, but what if you had to cut short a holiday because your pet required life-saving surgery?
Cover will help you deal with many of these situations. The policy benefits include vets' fees of up to £1,500 for accidental injury, up to £1,000 in advertising and reward fees if your pet is lost or stolen and up to £500 towards emergency illness treatment.

Want more comprehensive pet insurance cover?
If you've got a pedigree cat or dog or want a more comprehensive cover, a Churchill Pet insurance policy may be the right solution for you and your four-legged friend, offering up to £3,000 vets' fees per illness or injury. A bereavement and legal advice line are standard benefits.
Give your pet the love it gives you; a Churchill Pet insurance policy can help you look after the wellbeing of your furry friend. Get an online quote today and you'll even be eligible for a 20% discount.

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